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Chienworks* Rotating Cat Head Video RCHV store - animated backgrounds & video clipart

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Rotating Cat Head Video

60 Church Street
PO Box 164
Hobart, NY 13788

End User License Agreement:

Chienworks* grants the end users (customers) royalty free rights to use purchased material in their own video productions with the following conditions:

Transfer Restrictions:

The materials licensed herein may be transferred to a third party. Such transfer must include all original media and backup copies created by the current licensee. The current licensee must keep no copies of any of these materials and is considered to no longer hold a license for their use after the transfer is completed.

Privacy Policy:

Chienworks* collects private information on this website. This information may include visitors' names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information. Other incidental information gathered may include a history of orders and shipments. This information is used only for fulfullment of customer orders in an efficient manner. This information will never be shared with 3rd parties with the exception of 3rd party payment processors as noted below.

Chienworks* may use this information in the future for promoting it's goods and services to visitors who expressly request such notifications ("opt-in"). Such notifications will never be sent unless the visitors specifically and actively request to be included in these promotions.

Release of information to 3rd party payment processors: Chienworks* authorizes PayPal (and possibly other 3rd party payment processors in the future) to finalize purchases and process payments with credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and other payment means. This authorization includes transmission to the 3rd party of the customer's shipping address, order summary, shipping charges, and other information specifically related to the purchase. This information is required for the 3rd party payment processors to complete the payment process and authorize shipping of the purchased items.

Since payment is handled through 3rd party payment processors, Chienworks* does not store nor even have access to customer's financial information such as credit card numbers. This information is known soley to the 3rd party payment processors. Please see their respective privacy policies for more information.

Use of cookies: Chienworks* places a web "cookie" into the website visitor's browser. This cookie contains the visitor's current shopping cart ID number and is used to provide continuity while visiting the website. This cookie allows the website to keep track of the contents of the visitor's shopping cart and allow a familiar shopping and checking out environment. This cookie is purged at the completion of a purchase or 30 days after the last visit to this website, whichever comes first. The visitor may examine or remove this cookie if desired, but the cookie is required for proper operation of this website. Without the cookie, visitors will not be able to shop or checkout.

Chienworks* Rotating Cat Head Video RCHV store - animated backgrounds & video clipart
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