Rotating Cat Head Video by Chienworks*

RCHV supplies a line of video clip art, animated backgrounds, video loops, nature backgrounds, and more. These clips are suitable for television editors, media producers, DVD authoring, motion backgrounds, titling, and multimedia applications. The clips are suitable for both professional and amateur use. Most clips are avaliable as AVI files using SONY's superior DV codec. The HD clips are provided as M2T mpeg-2 files. Individual clips are available la carte or in themed collections on CD. Each CD collection is about 3 minutes of video clip art ready to be dropped into your application. Of course, all clips are supplied without watermarks.

The majority of the clips loop seemlessly, allowing the clip to be repeated as often as necessary to fill the time required. Most video editing software, such as SONY's Vegas will work perfectly with these clips. You may customize them in many ways.

These clips are also suitable for use as backgrounds in Powerpoint and other presentation and projection software.

Some randomly selected samples:

ob06-dam-03.jpgCollection ob06

ob04-river-05.jpgCollection ob04

ob08-rain-02.jpgCollection ob08

ca01-clockface-01.jpgCollection ca01

ob06-river-10.jpgCollection ob06

hd01-psych-06h.jpgCollection hd01

ab03-starrynight-01b.jpgCollection ab03

ab04-astralfog-02.jpgCollection ab04